Pundi/Indian Rice Dumplings

In today’s post I am going to present authentic, traditional Mangalorean recipe – akki pundi or rice dumplings. This steamed rice dumplings are served with sambar or chutney for breakfast. These are made from brown rice, you can also use white rice instead.

Pundi/ Indian rice dumplings


  • Brown rice- 1 and half cup, soaked overnight (serves 2)
  • Salt
  • Oil- 1 tbs


  1. Grind the rice (overnight soaked) with a cup of water and salt to taste
  2.  Don’t turn  it into a smooth paste, let it be little grainy
  3. Take a deep pan and add a tbs of oil
  4. Add the ground rice mixture to this and keep stirring until the water evaporates and the mixture is ready to be rolled into small balls
  5. Let it cool a bit and now moist your hands with some water and start making rice balls
  6. Steam the rice balls for 15- 20 minutes until they are nicely cooked and not sticky
  7. Serve it hot with sambar or chutney

Pundi/ Brown rice balls/ Indian rice dumplings


14 thoughts on “Pundi/Indian Rice Dumplings

    • Any brown rice will do. I am not sure which brand I use, we buy from a Indian store here in UAE where they give it loose by weighing how much ever we require. Most probably they get it from Tanjavoor or Kerala.


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