Ragi Ambali/ Finger millet porridge or cooler

Ragi or finger millet flour is very good for health. I know most don’t like the taste but which healthy thing tastes good? If you are into diet then ragi is the best. I prepare ragi rotti, ragi mudde and ragi milk shakes. But I heard that ragi ambali is good for reducing the body heat. So here I am with this recipe for cool summer.

Ragi ambali


Ragi flour- 1 cup (serves 2)

Water- 2 to 2 and half cup




Take ragi flour and dissolve it in little water make sure that there is no knot formation before you transfer this into boiling water. Now transfer this mixture into boiling water and keep stirring it until you get a smooth paste. Now let it cool add salt and buttermilk and bring it to whatever consistency you would like to drink. You can also eat mint chutney or pickle along to spice up your taste bud. In summer just refrigerate it and drink it. You will not like it if you don’t like ragi mudde because it tastes just bland.


2 thoughts on “Ragi Ambali/ Finger millet porridge or cooler

  1. No better drink to keep your iron levels up. The secret of ragi is that it keeps your haemoglobin and ferritin levels up. πŸ™‚

    And if people can drink green tea to lose weight, I think they can drink ragi porridge to keep naturally iron-rich.


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