Badane gojju/ Mashed Eggplant

When I am bored of curries and stir fries, I prepare Badane gojju or mashed eggplants. Its just delicious and tastes awesome with plain rice and curd.

Badane gojju/Mashed eggplants


Eggplant- 1 big sized (serves 2)

Green chillies- 2-3

Onion- 1

Coriander leaves

Tamarind- pea sized

Tampering-  Ghee, garlic. mustard


Wash and boil the whole eggplant (sometimes I grill it or burn it on gas until it becomes soft, it adds extra flavor and nice smell) then peel the skin after it cools. Now mash it and add chopped onions, green chillies, tamarind water and coriander leaves mix it well.  Now tamper it and serve it with rice and curd. My mom makes it really tasty  by grilling the eggplant in wood fire.

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