Pan fried potatoes

Potato is at the top of my favorite vegetables list. I love to eat them in everything. Mashed, fried or boiled I just love everything with potatoes. But eating them increases belly fat so I am kind of controlling myself. But once in a two weeks won’t harm. I made a comfy recipe to go with plain rice and curd. Pan fried potatoes are healthy compared to deep fried ones.

Pan fried potatoesIngredients:

Potatoes- 2 large

Olive oil


Pepper powder

Red chilly powder


Take a pan and add 2-3 teaspoon of olive oil and let it heat. Add thinly sliced potato pieces and sprinkle salt and chilly powder according to your taste. Take it out when the potato turns into golden brown make sure that it is properly fried by turning and frying it into both sides. Now sprinkle black pepper powder on it and have it as starter or along with plain rice and curd. Its just heavenly  to have fried potatoes with rice and rasam too.


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