Raw Banana/ Plantain Palya

Raw banana recipe is popular in South part of India. Raw banana palya is very simple and it requires very few ingredients.

Raw Banana palya


Raw banana- 2

Turmeric powder- 1/2 teaspoon

Chilly powder

Coconut- 4 tablespoons, freshly grated

Tampering- Mustard, urd dal, curry leaves


Take a deep pan, add a spoon of oil and let it heat. Upon heating add ingredients under tampering and let it splutter. Add chopped raw banana turmeric, chilly powder (according to your taste) and salt along with a cup of water. Close the lid and let it cook. Don’t let the banana get too mushy, but make sure that its properly cooked. Add water if needed and add coconut at the end. The preparation should’t be too watery so make sure that the water is evaporated before you switch off the flame. Now serve it with Plain rice and curd or rice and rasam.


8 thoughts on “Raw Banana/ Plantain Palya

  1. Hi Deepika.. I tried it but I did not know when the outer skin is cooked. How long does it typically takes to be cooked well? as soon as the white one was well cooked and they started parting apart (green and white), I turned off the heat. It tastes great but I feel the outer skin is bit chewy.. I cut them in 1/2 -3/4 inch cubes .. 😥


    • Usually it takes the same time as the inner part takes, say 20 minutes at maximum (on medium flame).It depends upon what type of banana you choose for this as well. I usually go for small or medium sized. If you are not comfortable with the outer skin just minus the outer skin from the recipe next time and use the raw banana peeled. Hope you will try the recipe next time with out the skin and let me know. Sorry that this time it didn’t turn out well 😦


      • Sure Deepika.. I picked randomly and their skins were really thick and I guess that could be the reason which is exactly how it tastes when you pick quite old brinjal that will have strong seeds… Besides, I never tasted so obviously..I wasn’t sure whether it’s cooked well or not. I still have 2 more plantains left and I will cook it without skin.


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