Palak Dal/ Spinach with Yellow Lentils

Palak is one popular leafy vegetable used worldwide. I usually prepare chutney, palak paneer, palak dal and aloo palak. But I prefer indian red spinach to palak. Today’s recipe is very simple, but can also be prepared by adding extras to give flavors. Sometimes I add tomatoes and sometimes mashed potatoes to give it a different flavor.

Palak dal


Dal(Yellow lentils)- 1 cup

Palak – finely chopped 1 big cup

Green chilly- 3-4

Turmeric- 1/2 teaspoon

Tampering- Zeera, Mustard, Ghee, asafoetida


Cook dal and mash it nicely. Add chopped palak to a deep pan and mix with cooked dal and let it cook. Add turmeric, green chillies and salt while it is cooking (if you are adding tomatoes or mashed potatoes you can add now, or if you want to add onions, fry and add). When palak is cooked in dal, tamper it with the ingredients mentioned above. Now palak dal is ready to serve with piping hot rice.


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