Ridge Gourd Chutney/ Heerekayi Gojju

Ridge gourd or Heerekayi is best suited for chutney than any other recipe. You can prepare palya, curry and many other things but chutney is the best. My mom prepares ridge gourd ‘Dosa’  and it is damn tasty, and whenever she prepares dosa she makes chutney out of ridge gourd’s skin (for preparing Dosa, ridge gourd skin is peeled and only inside flesh is used). But today for this recipe I have used everything including skin so there is not much work of cutting and sorting the vegetable.

Ridge gourd chutney


Ridge gourd- 1 big sized

Coconut- Freshly grated, 3/4 cup

Green Chilly- 3 to 4

For tampering- Garlic cloves, curry leaves, mustard and urd dal


Wash an clean the ridge gourd and cut into 2 pieces and cook it until it becomes soft. Take it out from the water and grind it with coconut, green chillies and salt. Add little water while grinding to get the smooth paste. Tamper it with Ghee and the ingredients mentioned above. Chutney is ready to be served with Dosa or rice.


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